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Only On Tuesdays

Lucky Strike Live

by Martin Santacruz Jr.

June 29, 2015

            There are a few perks to living in one of the most exciting cities on the west coast and having a plethora of music venues at to choose from is on the top of that list. The Lucky Strike bowling alley, located at the Hollywood & Highland complex, comes with a music stage that is a fairly new location with enough amplification that makes the noise ordinance community worry. The stage itself has a great look, fantastic lighting and just the right size to challenge even the most veteran music venues around town as the best places for music.

The bowlers, drinkers and the vodka makers behind the bar paused what they are doing to check out the music that came from the outstanding musicians known as Only On Tuesdays. Led by vocalist Autumn Skibinski, she was joined on stage by Tracy Lambertucci (guitar), Gabbs Casanova (guitar), Kevin Lambertucci (bass) and Martin Valencia on drums. The quintet has kept very busy on tour and supporting their latest EP, Break Free. On the comfy couches in front of the stage, the spectating crowd was ready for a mix of indie rock with sprinkles of folk influences.

            The set began with raucous distortion on the dueling guitars by Tracey and Gabbs on the song “Warpath.” The female guitarists had stoic eyes as they shredded on high notes during the chorus, “You’ve got me running round town like a woman on a warpath.” The bass line thumped from Kevin’s subtle attack on his axe while Martin’s flawless drumming projected a mysterious aura in the room. Autumn’s vocals reached peaks that rattled nerves, leaving some in the room speechless.

            The free spirited vibe from Only On Tuesdays meshed with the harmonizing song, “Fall,” as the complex instrumentation hinted at the organic tones this band is capable of. The breakthrough single, “Break Free,” excited the crowd as the crescendo of guitars built up to an eclipsing chorus that peppered the fans with a lovely and catchy song. Autumn paused for a moment to plug her merchandise available next to the bar and commented on their recent tour, “We just returned today from a 10-day tour across the west coast. Thank you for being here to celebrate us. Let’s celebrate with a little song I wrote about booty calls.” The band smiled but quickly launched into dynamic power-pop song, “Rendezvous,” that melted a few faces in the crowd with the aggressive guitar licks, taking the listeners on a wild ride until the very last note.

            The music of Only On Tuesdays is undeniably charming and one of those indie bands that leaves the spectators in awe after just one listen. Although the band just released their first EP, Break Free, this group will undoubtedly go far because of their drive to succeed with an original sound and songwriting that captures the imagination of the listeners who dare to explore one of the hottest bands around. The warm textures and beautiful songs are equally exciting as their hard-hitting tracks that encompass the pure talent of this band. Only On Tuesdays deserves a listen everyday of the week. We’ll all be humming the sounds of this band in the upcoming year.

Set List



Break Free

Shut Up and Dance


Darling Dearest

The Tides

– Martin Santacruz Jr., LASF Magazine (Jul 20, 2015)