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Imagine starting out as a solo act and becoming a full fledged band of five within a few short years. That is what happen to Only On Tuesdays. With two brand new singles in the past month and a lot on their place for the coming year, we got lucky enough to talk with them about their music, working through disagreements, and what is next.
KRISTIN: You three have a great dynamic is not something you see a lot of these days. Can you please tell us how you all came together?

OOT: We are actually a 5 piece now which is something we are really excited about! I (Autumn) started the band as a solo project when I was about 17. After moving to LA a few years ago I attended a school called Musicians Institute. Martin and Tracy were both students there as well so I found them that way. Martin has been with me for about two years now, and Tracy for a year and a half. We have now also added Tracy’s brother Kevin on bass and Gabbs Casanova on guitar. They are students at MI as well. All four of them are super talented and I’m so excited to have them on my team!
KRISTIN: Your newest singles Fall and Darling Dearest are out. What has the fan reaction to this new music been like?

OOT: Everyone has been so encouraging and positive. This was the first experience I have had recording with a full band. I was nervous how people would react to it but they have been so supportive since the beginning. We raised all the money to record Break Free EP and these singles with the help of our fans and friends, and it is so exciting that they are happy with the results!
KRISTIN: How do you go about picking a single? Do you record a lot of stuff and then choose which one you think is the most stand out or do you write specifically for that purpose?

OOT: Well we released two singles last month, Fall and Darling Dearest. We were really excited about both songs and thought they would be a great example of what they have to look forward to with the release of the full EP. Fall is probably my favorite song off the whole album. It is hard to go into something thinking, “This is it. I am going to write our single”. You definitely have to wait until you hear the final product. Some songs you thought would be the best don’t end up that way, and some that you weren’t expecting to love so much may just surprise you.
KRISTIN: Coming from all different walks of life, how do you keep making it work as a group? Disagreements have to come up.

OOT: We definitely have our fair share of disagreements. When I talk to my friends I always compare it to a marriage… A marriage with 5 people involved. Sometimes it is difficult to keep everyone happy and on the same page but it is important to put the good of the band first, even if it steps on a few toes.
KRISTIN: You ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise over $10,000 to record your debut EP. Were you surprised with the response to that?

OOT: Definitely! We set our goal at $5,000 just in case the response wasn’t high enough to reach the full $10,000. Tons of people from my home town crawled out of the woodwork and rallied to support us, as well as my new friends out here. The amount of support we received from people all over was overwhelming. I literally cried when Lac Vieux Desert Casino wrote me a check for $5,000. REAL TEARS.
KRISTIN: You got to work with an amazing producer on it. What was the experience like with Bruce Witkin?

OOT: Bruce was awesome! He had a beautiful home studio in the valley complete with all kinds of comfy couches and a pool. He was so kind and so fun to work with, and obviously extremely talented. Working with Bruce gave our songs that little extra push they needed to go from good to great!
KRISTIN: Where can we check out your new EP and pick it up?

OOT: Our singles “Fall” and “Darling Dearest” are currently available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon, and pretty much anywhere else music is sold. The full EP will be released in the next few months across all digital distribution sites as well as physical copies on our website I have an in at Amoeba Records in Hollywood as well, so look out for it there too!
KRISTIN: What is next for you all? Touring possibly?

OOT: Yessss, touring! We are currently in the process of booking a ten day west coast tour for June, and might be making a little trip to my home town in Wisconsin this fall as well! We are so excited to meet everyone, give some hugs, and sing some songs!
KRISTIN: Where is the best places online to keep up with what is happening next with you?

OOT: The best all in one stop is our website For the most up to date info on everything OOT stop by our Facebook page
You can check out their newest single “Darling Dearest” on sound cloud below and make sure to swing over to itunes and pick up their music now! Also stay tuned to their facebook and website for updates on their upcoming west coast tour.


– Kristin Downer, #nerdproblems (May 11, 2015)